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Green Rose

Green Rose is a story of a man, rising from the dead to prove his innocence and restore his good name. Lee Jung-hyun met Oh Soo-ah, the daughter of SR Electronics' Chairman one night when he went out drinking with his friends to celebrate him and his best buddy getting jobs at the esteemed company. He met her again at the induction, though the fact that she's a rich girl has yet to be known. They didn't get to a good start as Soo-ah treated him with a cold shoulder (why was it again?). But their friendship, which later turned into love began when Jung-hyun saved Soo-ah from an accident. Things got all pretty for the couple, and they even thought about marriage, but that was before Soo-ah revealed her true identity, from which point things started to go downhill. At that time, her father was entertaining his own plan to set her up with his most trusted and capable young employee Shin Hyun-tae, a candidate that Soo-ah's uncle didn't quite agree. Just when Jung-hyun …

Did You Hear About The Morgans? (2009)

It was fun, at times awkward (but hilariously so), and overall cute. It's what you would expect from a romantic comedy anyway, so it didn't disappoint. Plus, it got Hugh Grant.
Did You Hear About The Morgans?, or I would call it The Morgans for short, is about an estranged couple, Mr. and Mrs Morgan, who witnessed a murder and were advised to leave New York under a witness protection program. They were relocated to Ray, a small town in Wyoming under the fake identity of Mr. and Mrs. Foster. Living separately in New York, they were then forced to live under the same roof. They bickered, they hurt each other, they laughed together, and they made up, as we all knew they would. Predictable as it was, it managed to be endearing (at least to me). And it was funny how the movie seemed to poke fun at city people, but not in bad taste.
Highly recommended if you want to see something light-hearted after a day at work.