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Cain & Abel

I recently finished the Korean drama Cain & Abel, which starred one of my favorite actors, So Ji Sub. Initially, I think it was some time last year, when this series was first announced, I wasn't interested in the story at all. The original plot was about the rivalry between a gangster and his brother who is a detective (go figure!). Well, we've heard and seen (or at least, I have) about this kind of plotlines all the time - in music videos, story books, dramas, that it sounded a little cliche. Thus, the slight disinterest. Besides, I wasn't really into the original cast list (except for So Ji Sub who was the only main cast who remained after the production was put on hold indefinitely for reasons I wasn't really interested to find out, since I wasn't interested in the series anyway). In the end, I'm glad they changed the plotline. Instead of going for detective-gangster brothers rivalry, they showcase two talented brothers as surgeons, who of course, fall…