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Baker King, Kim Tak Gu

It was a hard decision to start watching this series. Even though the ratings were high, I also read that it was of 'makjang' variety, that is to say the story and plot is kinda over the top, exactly the kind of story I want to stay away from for a while (thus I was surprised that it turns out not so bad at all i.e not what I expected). It has 30 episodes, which are considerably longer than the normal 16-episode series I've watched. But thinking that I've survived quite a number of even longer series before (with unfavorable side-effects unfortunately) like Queen Seon Deok, My Too Perfect Sons, to name a few, I thought this one should be OK (but still, I hesitated for a loooog time). Thankfully, I caught an episode or two at KBS World (which I found out later was mid-way of the series) and thought that this might actually worth my while so I took the ride. It is indeed a good drama and I suppose, deserved the 'national drama' status (viewership rating above 40…