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When Spring Comes

You know a drama is good when it cures your obsession over another drama. That's what When Spring Comes did to me. I watched it as part of my "Queen Seon Deok Withdrawal Program" (^_^x). I didn't exactly start it after I finished QSD. It was way before that (it's an old series after all). The first time round, I seek this drama to watch Park Shi Yeon (My Girl). I fast forwarded a lot just to watch her scenes and since I thought she was not going to get her happy ending, I was disappointed and skipped the drama altogether. I revisited this drama to watch Kim Nam Gil that played the pitiful Bidam in QSD, which was when I watched this drama in earnest. I may started out for Park SY and Kim NG, but it was Kim Gab Soo (Time Between Dog and Wolf) that stole the show for me. He always plays the resident evil in most of his dramas, except in Worlds Within, as far as I remember (I didn't watch ALL his drama). Thought he was going to be another badass character so I w…

Queen Seon Deok - The Characters

Queen Seon Deok is a series that focuses on the 'villains' as much as it focuses on its 'heroes', because a strong and remarkable hero is called such because he/she faced an equally strong and remarkable nemesis. Because there is a strong opponent like Mishil, that Deokman was able to gain experience and wisdom. There are also other characters that play significant roles to both Deokman and Mishil in their quest to gain the throne. For this post, I list some of the main characters and their brief descriptions. Please note that my descriptions of the characters are merely based on the TV series, and not based on actual historical data. Warning: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Princess Deokman (Queen Seon Deok, posthumous) was played beautifully by Lee Yo Won (Fashion 70's). Her younger version was played with great vigor by Nam Ji Hyun (East of Eden, Will It Snow for Christmas?). She was born a twin, which according to a prophecy will mark the end of the sa…

Queen Seon Deok

I can't even begin to describe how devastated I felt after finishing this long sageuk. In fact, there is still some lingering sadness whenever I think about it. I was bawling my eyes and heart out at the last episode. Even now when I listen to its OST the song "Windflower". At first, the idea of a 50-episode series (then before it was extended to 62) seemed daunting and tedious. But the first episode got me hooked, and the next 5 or so episodes later proved to be highly engaging. These episodes focused on setting the background and childhood stories, and because of that I think they were really fast-paced and thus exciting. And the child actors are excellent.