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Chinese Paladin III - ending theme

I'm getting into a Chinese series, Chinese Paladin III lately. It's a wuxia series, with a lot of fun and humor and highly entertaining, if you don't mind the fantasy setting, that is. It has action, comedy, romance, melodrama, and some crazy stuffs. I just fell in love with all the characters and became an instant fan of Hu Ge. Get more info here:
And thanks to the subbing team, Jiang Hu Fansubs ( that I got the translation to the nice closing song. It's a song with lyrics that are well-fitted to the story in my opinion, which to some extend revolves around the characters discovering and getting in touch with their pasts, as well as some who are still finding it hard to let go of theirs.

Buzzer Beat - Hero on the Edge

D/L Theme Song: B'z - Ichibu to Zenbu [Megaupload]
D/L Ichibu to Zenbu Ballad Version [Megaupload]
Watch Ichibu to Zenbu Music video at Youtube

An exciting summer series revolving around the world of basketball starring Yamashita Tomohisa a.k.a Yamapi (Proposal Daisakusen), Aibu Saki (Zettai Kareshi), Kitagawa Keiko (Pretty Guardian Sailormoon), and Ito Hideaki (First Kiss). Yamapi played a young professional basketball player named Kamiya Naoki for the team JC ARCS. Through the drama, I found out that Buzzer Beat refers to the instant when a player scored a basket at the final moment, which can turn a losing into a winning. The message is that to never give up till the very end. Besides basketball, this drama also shows the struggle of becoming a professional musician, specifically a violinist through the character Shirakawa Riko played by Kitagawa Keiko.

You're Beautiful Episode 03-04

I know that the main story drivers are Mi Nam and Tae Kyung, but for me Lee Hong Ki as the cutie dummy Jeremy stole the show in these two episodes. Him and his suspicions are just ridiculously funny. Though admittedly, if I were in his shoes, not knowing the truth, I'd probably act the same way - slightly disgusted. LOL. Jeremy, as it turns out, is still having no idea about Go Mi Nam's true identity. In his eyes, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo (especially Shin Woo), treat Mi Nam in an unlikely manner befitting not of normal male buddies, plus the fact that he keeps getting weird/gay vibes from Go Mi Nam is driving him crazy. Imaginations simply run wild. Poor Jeremy.

You're Beautiful Episode 01-02

Just when life started to get a little boring and I was having a major withdrawal from the wonderful drama In-Soon is Pretty, finally a trendy drama worth waiting for has come to air. You're Beautiful is the latest work of screenwriters The Hong Sisters (Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran) of popular TV hits such as My Girl, Fantasy Couple, and not to forget, the superbly written and produced fusion sageuk Hong Gil Dong. 

In-Soon is Pretty

D/L OST :  Uhn Je Gga Ji Na - Chae Dong Ha (SG Wannabe) [Megaupload]

After a string of 2009 disappointing drama series, it's a pleasure to re-look at the list of series I've missed in the past years and discover a true gem. I've learnt long time ago that rating has quite nothing to do with the quality of a drama, or if anything, it's a very poor indicator, and In-Soon is Pretty proves this statement right yet again. The rating never got past 10% when it aired in 2007. The low rating was likely due to it competing against the rating monster at that time, The Legend starring Hallyu star Bae Young Jun (Winter Sonata). Nevertheless, I'm glad I wasn't deterred by it and picked this one up, though I have to admit that the real reason I was interested in it at all initially was due to Kim Min Joon (Damo, Ireland). And good reviews I've read from those who did watch certainly motivated me further to make this into my Watched List. This is one of the rare dramas tha…

Goong (Hardsubbed Videos)

Goong/Palace a.k.a Princess Hours hardsubbed episodes. This is an old series, back in 2006, starring Yoon Eun Hye (My Fair Lady, Coffee Prince) and Song Ji Hyo (Some). Credits go to Goong Subbing Team for subtitles. Hardsubbed videos provided by me. Enjoy! General instructions 1) Each episode is split into smaller parts. Download all part then join them using HJSplit.
2) Use part01 as input file in the HJSplit. Make sure all parts are in the same folder.

Golden Bride - The Characters

There are at least seven couples and various other relationships in Golden Bride. Each has its own stories and highlights and serve its own purposes in the overall plot development.. I wouldn't mention all in this entry, though it doesn't mean they aren't important.

Golden Bride

I was quite hesitant to start on this series coz it's freaking long. A total of 64 episodes. And I didnn't really know who were in it, except for Lee Young Ah coz her picture was the only one I saw whenever I came across the series on the net. Honestly, I don't remember how I got hooked on it finally. Must be total boredom that caused me to give this one a try. I downloaded the first episode and it sat on my hard drive for quite some time. Once I started, I was really curious to know more, especially since I realized that the leading actor was the cutie Song Chang Eui (Scale of Providence, Cinderella Man). But obviously Song Chang Eui became just another actor coz the story itself was the reason why I kept watching. I've never been grateful for the existence of youtube more than when watching this series. Since it's a loooong series, it would be ridiculous to download the episodes so where else could I find them? You know the answer, right?