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Secret Garden: Countdown to Finale

Surely I am one of the many fans of Secret Garden who's rather anxious about the ending of this drama series. Would it be a happily-ever-after ala City Hall, or a frustrating one like Lovers in Paris, both of which were penned by the same writer of Secret Garden. The last two episodes will air this weekend. Oh, how all good things come to an end. 
The drama was described as "fantasy-melodrama", which to be honest, is a little hard for me to digest, unlike the fantasy of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, which actually was based on local folklore. The fantasy part in Secret Garden involves body-changing between the two main leads, Gil Ra-im played by Ha Ji Won (Memories of Bali, Damo) and Kim Joo-won played by Hyun Bin (My Lovely Samsoon, Snow Queen). You have to watch it to see for yourself if it makes any sense, but the idea is there. I just wish the writer took a more plausible approach. 18 episodes in, and I still don't buy it. Hopefully the last two episodes will tie a…