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I'm Sorry, I Love You

I'm Sorry, I Love You starred So Ji Sub as the main character. The korean title was "Mianhada, Saranghanda", in short MISA.

So Ji Sub plays the role of Cha Moohyuk, an abandoned korean child who got adopted and brought to Australia. He was then abandoned by his adopted parents, and lived like trash. Years later, when crews of a tv programme from korea made an interview of abandoned koreans in Australia, instead of cursing his biological parents like others did, he made very interesting statements. He said that he didn't hate his mother for throwing him out of her life. He believed there must be a reason. He said must be because his mother was so poor that she had to give him up. Moohyuk said, "I'll go back to Korea. When I meet my poor mother, I'll buy her pretty clothes, let her eat delicious food, and I'll buy her a nice house. So mum, wait for me. Four years, just four more years. So wait for me."
In Australia, he met Eunchae, a coordinator who…