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I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 11 (20160325) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Like Being Shot By a Bullet 
Covering one of Baek Jiyoung's popular ballads, Hwang Chi Yeul challenged himself again, this time rearranging the song into a rock ballad, or at least that's how I would term it. After listening to Kim Feel's cover many moons ago in Immortal Songs 2, I did wonder how Chi Yeul's going to do it, because Kim Feel's version was pretty cool already.
Turning the song into a rock style did give it an edge. His voice was perfect for the arrangement. It still sounded very sad like the original. It hurts, but it rocks. There's a segment in the middle where he sang without accompaniment from any musical instrument. His pitch-perfect rough voice just pierced through the hall, it was awesome. Towards the end the song just got higher and higher and he nailed it. Like, total daebak. He should do more of this. Rock ballad could totally be his style.
Since this is the last round before the finale (unless you are substitute singers or eliminated sin…
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I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 10 (20160318) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Gai Bian Zi Ji (Change Myself)
Singing a cover of Wang Lee Hom's Change Myself, this performance was everything I was hoping for. No ballad, no extended, meticulous choreographed dance routine. It was a fun stage, seemingly freestyle and definitely free-spirited. It was not a thoughtless performance. Every move was rehearsed and timed perfectly and was meant to capture the audience. Hwang Chi Yeol made every transition smoothly that it seemed so natural. For the first time, he actively interacted with the audience and you can literally hear them responding to him, it was deafening, almost. The moment the audience was singing along loudly with him, you know he got this. It felt like he was having a fun stage at his very own concert! All in all, it was quite a breakthrough moment for him in my opinion. It was not something you've seen from him before, not even in Immortal Songs 2. He actually mimicked a formulaic performance that normally would have secured final win in Immortal …

I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 9 (20160311) - Hwang Chi Yeul

You Are Just Somewhere a Little Higher Than Me

Performing second, he was back to emotional rendition of a ballad song. This song holds a special meaning to me when it comes to Hwang Chi Yeul. It was, as far as I recall, the very song that has brought my attention back to him after I Can See You Voice and successfully thrown me to a point of no return to Hwang Chi Yeul fandom. The song was his performance for Immortal Songs 2 that earned him the title and trophy Super Rookie for the Super Rookie Showdown episode. It was not his first appearance in Immortal Songs 2, and not really his first win (He won a trophy in earlier appearance for song "Father"), but until that episode, I had no idea he was even in Immortal Songs 2. I was not a dedicated IS2 follower, but was chanced upon that particular episode while browsing youtube. Since then, I had backtracked all the way to his first appearance and kept checking the IS2 guest list to see if his in (him or Moon Myungjin. haha).

Back t…

I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 8 (20160304) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Hwang Chi Yeul challenged himself again with a dance number. He performed fourth, this time with a cover of JYP's Honey. Well, not as exciting as Bang Bang Bang for me, but it did have a solo dance part that drove the audience wild. I suspect that I have to be part of the real time audience to truly appreciate this particular performance. There's high probability that the audio quality (always the case since episode 1) and the poor video editing for TV makes it less wholesome. That aside, I actually enjoyed the audience's reaction to him, especially Lala and Jeff Chang's manager, who drooled and all. haha. Now that was hilarious.
This performance brought him back to top spot, after Bang Bang Bang. Two wins, both through dancing. I personally felt a little sad that his identity as a balladeer has yet to gain the highest spot it deserves in the competition. He was so close to it with his first and second appearances, earning 2nd place for both. And as far as shock fa…

The Many Faces of Hwang Chiyeul

I'm bored while waiting for his next performance...

I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 7 (20160226) - Hwang Chi Yeul

一个人的天荒地老 (Eternity of a Single Person)
I heart this performance. 一个人的天荒地老 was originally sung by Phil Chang. I wasn't attracted to the song when I heard it the first time while looking for reference in anticipation for Hwang Chi Yeul's performance. I don't know if it's my bias, or because Hwang Chi Yeul really did an excellent job, but the song just sounds 100 times better now. Hahaha. He inserted element of Korean folk song in the middle (Arirang). Out of all his stint with Chinese songs so far, this is my favorite yet.
He's back to performing 2nd this time, and ranked 4th place.
(Side note: I wish he was ranked higher because it was a very good performance. But I am not exactly hang up on that because the top three were performances that I enjoyed as well. I pretty much agree with the overall ranking this week.)

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I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 6 (20160219) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Go Hae (Confession)
His fans probably know how much this song means to him. This is one of the songs he sang when he first debuted, which was used as the OST for the popular series Lovers back in 2007. The original singer was Im Jaebum, who acknowledged Hwang Chi Yeul's powerful vocal. After nine years of being an unknown singer, he again sang "Confession" in the show I Can See Your Voice, the very show that catapulted him to overnight sensation. He was practically in every other variety show ever since, and even became a regular guest inImmortal Songs 2.

He challenged himself again with the song through I Am a Singer, this time with new arrangement. And just as I was beginning to miss his soft tones, this arrangement came along and showcased the softer side of his vocal while still mostly maintained the beloved husky and rough tone. And his high notes was just wow~ He performed it with a certain attitude that sucked you in in I Can See Your Voice, while this particular ve…