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Queen In Hyun's Man, The Time-Traveling Hero

In my book, an awesome series is not always equal to a solid one, by definition. When I say awesome, it usually means the drama is highly entertaining it threw my socks off, but doesn't necessarily have superior scripts/writings and directing, or even acting in some cases, though good acting is pretty much a prerequisite to awesomeness that can help let the poor writing/directing slide somewhere to the back of my mind, or sometimes, it's the other way round. Such instances would be dramas like Secret Garden, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Dream High, The King 2Hearts, to name a few. 
When I say solid, I usually refer to dramas that make me think of taut writing, clever directing and editing, among other things. Examples would be The Perfect Neighbors, When Spring Comes, Fantasy Couple, Hong Gil Dong, Fashion 70's, In-Soon is Pretty etc. Again, that would be based on my own opinions, which I can't say are truly objective, since I have very little knowledge academically whe…

A Gentleman's Dignity: An Enjoyable Beginning

A new weekend drama, A Gentleman's Dignity, kicked off a couple of weeks back. Four episodes in and I'm hooked. I love, love, love, luuuuuuurve the show~. A good enough series to help with my The King 2Hearts withdrawal therapy. I like everything about this show so far. It's laugh-out-loud funny, the storyline is engaging, the cinematography's prettyx10, the casts are spot on. The witty dialogues are such a gem. And maybe because two of the main male characters work in an architectural firm, they really put some efforts on the designs and ambience of the building and space that they are putting in this show,which are mighty fine. I loike!