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Baby-faced Beauty, The Greatest Love

My, oh my. It seems forever since I last updated this blog with an entry. I have been pretty busy (excuses, excuses) and I have slowed down a little bit when it comes to drama-watching, though I do have a few that I would like to share. But nevertheless, maybe some other time, when I feel like sitting down in front of my computer and go through the dramas again.
Still, if anyone wants a recommendation on some fun dramas to watch, here's my list:
1) Baby-faced Beauty
I had never quite understood the hype with Jang Nara (Wedding) that makes her a household name in China. But I adore her to pieces in this drama, about a 30plus-year-old woman who got mistaken to be in her early 20's, working in the fashion industry.

2) The Greatest Love / Best Love

This drama is wacky. Pairing up two great actors: Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta) and Cha Seung Won (City Hall) was the best decision ever! I was glad Lee Seung Gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) didn't take the role of Dokko Jin. He wouldn't be …