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My Too Perfect Sons

I've always loved family-oriented/family-themed dramas. They are usually funny, heartwarming, and have more variations in terms of characters and story developments, compared to those typical romance dramas where everything focuses and revolves around the main couple. My first korean family drama was probably 'Since I Met You', and the last one I had was 'As Much As Heaven and Earth'. Honestly, I don't know if they are really categorized under Family Drama, but in my drama list, that's where they are.

Recently I came across a new family drama - Sons of Sol's Pharmacy House a.k.a My Too Perfect Sons. Initially, I wasn't planning on watching this because there were no subtitles, and since it's a loooong drama, it's unlikely to get subbed by dear fansubbers. Fortunately, someone uploaded the english-subbed version aired by KBS World, so eventually I picked this drama up and put it in my to-watch list.