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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel or simply Nine as I would call it is a spillover of time-traveling frenzy from the previous year. It came from the same writers of the beloved Queen In-Hyun's Man (QIHM), a drama series about a Joseon time traveler. 
This is a 20-episode series, but it is less than an hour per  episode so viewing experience is OK. I thought it could be a few episodes shorter if they actually put away some repetitive recapping of previous episodes and reiteration of certain scenes at the beginning of each new episode. But maybe I wasn't being fair, considering that I started this series after it ended so I could finish it in just a few sittings and everything was fresh in my mind without the need of the reminders. I suppose if I watched it in real time, week by week, I would appreciate the recaps and the repeats. 
I adore QIHM, but I'm outright amazed by Nine. Both are cleverly written, but the level of conflict and repercussions of time traveling in Nine make i…