Best Newcomer

I went streaming the SBS tv to catch a glimpse of Lee Min Ho (the F4 Gu Jun Pyo from KBS Boys before Flowers) during the 45th Baeksang Award ceremony, but I missed it. Good news travels fast though (thanks to Youtube and Lee Min Ho Soompi thread), and sure enough, as expected by fans, he won the Best Newcomer Award! Congratulations~ Apparently, he tripped on the red carpet, and joked about it during his acceptance speech. Hehe. Adorable. He was obviously nervous. And he looked so lost on stage initially, which made me go "Aaawwwwww~". He totally deserves the award. Boys before Flowers is far from perfect, but one can't deny that his performance was great, flawed drama editing and directing notwithstanding. Perhaps, it's not too much to say that Lee Min Ho's superb and seemingly effortless acting is one of the major attractions that's causing the high viewership rating for the KBS series. And the fact that he's good looking doesn't hurt.

And now, what's more important is 'what happens next'. Receiving recognition for one's talent and hardwork is one thing, but keeping the expectations alive is another. Are you up to it, Lee Min Ho? Good luck!

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