My Too Perfect Sons

I've always loved family-oriented/family-themed dramas. They are usually funny, heartwarming, and have more variations in terms of characters and story developments, compared to those typical romance dramas where everything focuses and revolves around the main couple. My first korean family drama was probably 'Since I Met You', and the last one I had was 'As Much As Heaven and Earth'. Honestly, I don't know if they are really categorized under Family Drama, but in my drama list, that's where they are.

Recently I came across a new family drama - Sons of Sol's Pharmacy House a.k.a My Too Perfect Sons. Initially, I wasn't planning on watching this because there were no subtitles, and since it's a loooong drama, it's unlikely to get subbed by dear fansubbers. Fortunately, someone uploaded the english-subbed version aired by KBS World, so eventually I picked this drama up and put it in my to-watch list.

A few minutes ago, i finished watching the fourth episode. Frankly, this drama is awesome. It is really hilarious that I could hardly stop laughing. When I'm bored or in a bad mood, watching this drama probably will help me recover. It's been a while since a drama makes me laugh almost non-stop so it's kinda refreshing. I'm the kind of person who can laugh easily at even the simplest joke or action to begin with, so when a drama is just full of witty dialogues, funny bickering, hilarious actions and ridiculous expressions, you can just imagine me grinning, snickering, gigling or laughing hysterically like a loony. If one can get flat abs by laughing, I can laugh all day long with this drama. Though, you shouldn't laugh too much, or so the wise man says. Whatever.

Sons of Sol's Pharmacy House tells the story of four brothers and their interactions with the family, friends, and neighbors. Normally, we watch a drama about a spinster and her journey through life till she finds love. This one however is about the four unmarried brothers; less so a problem for the youngest, but he has other issues. lol.

The four brothers are Song Jinpung, Song Daepung, Song Seonpung, and Song Mipung. Jinpung, the eldest, is reaching 40 and works as a pharmacist. Daepung, the second son, is a doctor and is labelled the playboy. At the beginning of the story, Jinpung was shown having a matchmaking session while Daepung was trying his best to get rid of a clinging girlfriend, telling her lies of him being a married man with kids. Jinpung was actually on a date that the matchmaker set for his younger doctor brother but their mother manipulated the situation and sent her eldest son instead. So when the eldest son got busted (poor him coz he didn't know either what his mom did), the woman was angry and left the restaurant. Devastated, Jinpung also walked out and that's when he came across his brother Daepung who was being pulled around by his girlfriend who insisted on meeting his 'wife' and tell her the truth about their relationship. Daepung, surprised at seeing his brother, took the opportunity and ran to him, pretending he was his brother-in-law and made an exaggerated scene of begging for his forgiveness. These two brothers are very different. Jinpung is shy, while Daepung is really loud and can be annoying sometimes. These two will eventually become involved with a female lawyer. At the same time, a nurse at Daepung's workplace, Bokshil, is harboring a romantic feeling towards him, but apparently he is oblivious to that.

Seonpung, the third son, is a reporter and loves animals. He's very innocent and pure. Mipung is the youngest and a little bit of a sissy as her mother put it. Instead of studying, he loves making dolls. He likes helping with housework normally you see done by daughters, but he did it in such a way that got her mother annoyed and scolded him. But I doubt he's in any way gay. He just cherishes his feminine side more, is all. Or so i hope.

Seonpung was a boss's favorite at work, for reasons unknown. but that wasn't really a cause of envy among his co-workers coz he's really a likeable person overall. His boss set him up with a female actress to go on a date. Unbeknownst to him, the actress is actually the boss's daughter. This girl, Eunji, hated the idea, but went to the restaurant nevertheless, but with her drama costumes. She played a pregnant lady in her drama. Anticipating his reaction to her fake swollen belly, she instead was stood up by Seonpung because a bear just died and Seonpung rushed to the scene while forgetting all about the date. While I thought Seonpung is rather cold to girls and really have not much interest in romantic relationship, that however changed when I saw his interactions with the nurse Bokshil. Somehow, i think he is fond of her and that's why he sometimes got angry for no reason at his brother Daepung, who treated Bokshil rather meanly.

Mipung, being the youngest, was not pressured to go into marriage, but rather being forced to study hard and take cram schools in preparation to retake his examination. But his interest lies somewhere else. He loves needlework, specifically making and sewing toys but his mother throws all his things away and even made him shave his head. He encountered an old friend who apparently has become a father at such a young age. The baby's mother ran away, leaving the little girl under his care alone. Mipung became attached really fast to the baby Hana. He even made her a teddy bear; he did it at school to avoid his mother's wrath.

There are a few other interesting characters like the parents and grandfather of the four brothers, the parents of Eunji the actress, and recently added (episode 4) the brother (whose wife is Jinpung's first love!) and his family of Lawyer Lee Soojin. I may not be a good storyteller, and this write-up may not make this story sound as good as it really is, but if you are interested, then give it a try. It may just be your cup of tea.

I have high hopes for this drama. I hope it will keep up with the hilarious and interesting flow, and not get poorly written as it goes along. Just be something I can always rely on to crack a smile on my face.

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