Chinese Paladin III - ending theme

I'm getting into a Chinese series, Chinese Paladin III lately. It's a wuxia series, with a lot of fun and humor and highly entertaining, if you don't mind the fantasy setting, that is. It has action, comedy, romance, melodrama, and some crazy stuffs. I just fell in love with all the characters and became an instant fan of Hu Ge. Get more info here:

And thanks to the subbing team, Jiang Hu Fansubs ( that I got the translation to the nice closing song. It's a song with lyrics that are well-fitted to the story in my opinion, which to some extend revolves around the characters discovering and getting in touch with their pasts, as well as some who are still finding it hard to let go of theirs.

Forget Time - Hu Ge

How far have I been walking silently?
Looking up, suddenly I realize
I've been backtracking all the way to the start
Persistently resisting time

The forever we've promised was broken off
Things that I hoped would not change,
have all changed
When I close my eyes tight,
only then I could see
Those scenes that were once vivid and warm

Gradually forgetting
Losing my hold on tomorrow
As I hold on tight to my longing
Coz your smiles are no more in tomorrow

Gradually forgetting
Losing sight of time
I just need to trace along my memories
To reach the depths of my mind
Even if it's only for a moment
D/L: Forget Time [Mediafire]  
D/L: Forget Time [Megaupload]

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