You're Beautiful Episode 01-02

Just when life started to get a little boring and I was having a major withdrawal from the wonderful drama In-Soon is Pretty, finally a trendy drama worth waiting for has come to air. You're Beautiful is the latest work of screenwriters The Hong Sisters (Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran) of popular TV hits such as My Girl, Fantasy Couple, and not to forget, the superbly written and produced fusion sageuk Hong Gil Dong. 

You're Beautiful depicts the life of popular idol group A.N.Jell. Originally a three-member group, it introduces a fourth member, Go Mi Nam, played by Park Shin Hye (Goong S, Heaven's Tree). Jang Geun Suk (Hong Gil Dong, Beethoven Virus) played the lead vocalist Hwang Tae Kyung as well as the group leader and is a clean/neat freak. Two real-life idols complete the foursome; Jung Yong Hwa (of music group C.N.Blue) as Kang Shin Woo, and Lee Hongki (FT. Island) as Jeremy.

Even though A.N.Jell is a boyband, Go Mi Nam is actually a girl, whose real name is Go Mi Nyu, a nun. Go Mi Nam is her twin brother. Go Mi Nam is an aspiring singer, about to sign contract as the new member of A.N.Jell, but due to a bad case of plastic surgery goes wrong, he is currently receiving treatment and resting in the United States. But his manager was not about to let the offer slipped by thus he tracked Go Mi Nyu down to ask her to pretend to be him instead. Apparently they look very, very much alike. Through a series of persuasion, Go Mi Nyu was convinced and agreed to be her twin brother for the contract-signing, thinking that it was all she needed to do. Turns out that she needs to pretend for at least a month since the group promotional activities with the new member starts really soon and her twin will only fully recover after at least one month. And thus begin the dormitary life of Go Mi Nyu as Go Mi Nam with the rest of A.N.Jell members.

She is not exactly welcomed by the original members, especially by Tae Kyung. At first, the secret of Go Mi Nam being actually a girl was not known to anyone but the manager and the group stylist. But during a party to celebrate the new member, Go Mi Nyu got drunk and caused some trouble. In the aftermath of the accident, Shin Woo helped Go Mi Nam and realized that the newbie is actually a female, though he kept the knowledge to himself. Even Mi Nyu doesn't realize yet that Shin Woo knows her secret. Jeremy, although notices how girly Go Mi Nam is, was a little thick-headed to see her for what she is.

Tae Kyung, on the other hand, was giving Mi Nam a cold shoulder and was completely annoyed by 'him' to notice anything significantly not right with the new member. It was never quite peaceful between these two and one disaster after another just increases Tae Kyung's dislike towards Mi Nam, to a point where he decided that one of them should leave the dorm. He left. And it was from that particular day, a circumstance was created that led to Tae Kyung accidentally found out the truth...

You're Beautiful, as far as its first two episodes are concerned, is highly entertaining. Park Shin Hye is just perfect for her role. I've never been more impressed with her acting than now (though, admittedly I didn't watch Heaven's Tree and am not planning to). As for Jang Geun Suk, I like his early and small performance in Lovers In Prague better than any of his later works, with the exception of his decent performance in Hong Gil Dong. But that is not to say he totally fails as Tae Kyung. He does well so far, only relatively overshadowed by Park Shin Hye's on-the-dot performance. The other two are playing their roles accordingly, nothing particularly outstanding, but enough to not make this drama looking awkward and poor.

Overall, I think we can expect to be highly entertained by this series, as long it doesn't go down the path of its predecessors (Boys Before Flowers, My Fair Lady) which had the potentials to be great trendy series, only to limp towards the end and left us viewers with much to be desired.

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