You're Beautiful Episode 03-04


I know that the main story drivers are Mi Nam and Tae Kyung, but for me Lee Hong Ki as the cutie dummy Jeremy stole the show in these two episodes. Him and his suspicions are just ridiculously funny. Though admittedly, if I were in his shoes, not knowing the truth, I'd probably act the same way - slightly disgusted. LOL. Jeremy, as it turns out, is still having no idea about Go Mi Nam's true identity. In his eyes, Tae Kyung and Shin Woo (especially Shin Woo), treat Mi Nam in an unlikely manner befitting not of normal male buddies, plus the fact that he keeps getting weird/gay vibes from Go Mi Nam is driving him crazy. Imaginations simply run wild. Poor Jeremy.

In episode 3, the story resumes from the point where Tae Kyung confronts Mi Nam about her true gender, showing her an evidence safely stored in his handphone. Tae Kyung, having now the upper hand, obviously plans to use this revelation to rid Mi Nam off A.N.Jell. Mi Nam asks for his understanding, but he isn't giving in, thus a series of chasing around ensues as Mi Nam snatches his handphone away to delete the evidence, which then leads to a bizarre happening;


Like the previous week, the episodes are filled with scenes that simply crack you up. One particular scene sequence that I simply love is the part where Mi Nam, her manager and A.N.Jell's coordinator are playing "Remembering Idols" game. This comes about because Mi Nam apparently doesn't know much artists, not even the famous ones like Yoo He Yi (played by Uee of After School) who is dubbed as Korea's Fairy, which can be quite unbecoming when you are in the industry yourself. Their game is really cute and Mi Nam is just too adorable here.

The scene shifts to Mi Nam going to the male restroom after the game, where she's being cornered by a group of trainees she used to practice dancing with after they overheard her mumbling to herself in the cubicle about being a girl. She denies that fact, but they are unconvinced and want some prove so Mi Nam runs away. The boys run after her shouting "Go Mi Nam is a girl!" all the way. The company president hears the ruckus and asks Mi Nam if it's true. Even worse, there's a reporter nearby that picks up on the front page news. The fans who always camp at the front of the building are angry and throw things at her as they feel betrayed. Mi Nam runs with all her might and silently asking for help, and she was saved by...

Another ridiculous but significant sequence that further fleshes out their characters is Mi Nam trying her best to produce a nice signature befitting of an idol after she saw the elegance of Tae Kyung's. She brings her signature designs to Tae Kyung and asks him to help her pick the best one, but Tae Kyung snidely remarks that because she is a dumb person, that's why her signature also looks dumb. Mi Nam then suggests that he designs a good one for her but he refuses, mumbling to himself that she won't be able to copy it because his design would be too elegant for her.

Since her request is rejected, she decides to practice her signature on her own, at which time Shin Woo approaches her and lends his hand. He is rather disappointed that Mi Nam had asked for Tae Kyung's opinion first instead of asking him. Nonetheless, they work together and finally decides on one rather unique signature for Mi Nam.

What they don't know however is that despite his act of uncaring in front of Mi Nam, Tae Kyung is actually at the same time also diligently designing a signature for her (him and his thoughts are just silly). And the scenes that follow are just plain dumb, in a good, fun way (go watch and figure out. ^_^).

These particular instances, like a number of others before them, once again show how contradictory Tae Kyung's actions are to his words when it comes to Mi Nam. He sometimes surprises himself and wondering aloud as to why he acts out of character, despite experiencing time and time again that bothering himself with Mi Nam's affairs always leads him to 'dangerous' situation, or so he claims.
In the earlier episodes, it has been established that the reason Mi Nam wants to be a singer is in order to find her mother, or rather, be found out. The mother left her and her twin brother when they were very small. She believes that by being famous, their mother is bound to see them on the media somehow and will get in touch with her soon. These two episodes highlight Mi Nam's first clue of her mother's whereabouts, and end on a heartbreaking note.

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