David Cook - David Cook: My Top 3

Some time ago, I used to put David Cook's songs from his 2008 self-titled album on repeat mode on my Winamp playlist. I curbed my David Cook craze for a while and tuned back into the usual kpop stuffs. But tonight I actually felt like going into that crazy mood again. I love all the songs, really, but here I'm sharing my Top 3.

1. Permanent
He has great vocals and when a singer with vocals like his sings a rock ballad, it's just awesome. And I read somewhere that this song was actually dedicated to his brother who was dying of cancer (the brother has passed away). Makes it so much more meaningful, ain't it?  
D/L: DC - Permanent [Megaupload]

2. Lie
What a sad song. Almost pathetic, really. But, hey, guess I'm a sucker for that, huh?  ^_^ 
D/L: DC - Lie [Megaupload}
3. Come Back To Me
Well, I wish I too have someone whom I can (and want to) go back to. Nice!
D/L: DC - Come Back To Me [Megaupload]

Other tracks on the album (which actually can replace the Top 2 and 3 spots easily):
Light On
Life on the Moon
Mr. Sensitive
I Did It for You
A Daily Anthem
Kiss on the Neck
The Time of My Life (bonus track)

To be honest, the Top 2 and 3 aren't really fixed. I simply love all tracks. Hard to decide.

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