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When Spring Comes

You know a drama is good when it cures your obsession over another drama. That's what When Spring Comes did to me. I watched it as part of my "Queen Seon Deok Withdrawal Program" (^_^x). I didn't exactly start it after I finished QSD. It was way before that (it's an old series after all). The first time round, I seek this drama to watch Park Shi Yeon (My Girl). I fast forwarded a lot just to watch her scenes and since I thought she was not going to get her happy ending, I was disappointed and skipped the drama altogether. I revisited this drama to watch Kim Nam Gil that played the pitiful Bidam in QSD, which was when I watched this drama in earnest. I may started out for Park SY and Kim NG, but it was Kim Gab Soo (Time Between Dog and Wolf) that stole the show for me. He always plays the resident evil in most of his dramas, except in Worlds Within, as far as I remember (I didn't watch ALL his drama). Thought he was going to be another badass character so I was pretty excited to watch. Turned out I was wrong, and it was all for the better. And I can assure you, this drama has happy endings, even for Park Shi Yeon. LOL.

When Spring Comes tells the story of Lee Jung Do, played by Park Gun Hyung (Innocent Steps), a sincere and kind man who comes from a family of legendary swindlers. He wants to become a prosecutor and lives with integrity, but finds it hard to find jobs due to his family history. He lives with his grandfather who works as a barber.

Park Shi Yeon is a detective named Oh Young Joo, who's stationed at Jung Do's neighborhood. She meets Kim Jun Ki, played by Kim Nam Gil, who is an aspiring prosecutor through a blind date. Jun Ki is attracted to Young Joo and diligently pursues her after that, even though Young Joo's response is rather lukewarm.

Lee Ha Na (Women In the Sun) is a small-time swindler Chae Ri who tries to seduce Jun Ki at a night club, but later is under the impression that Jun Ki is a poor guy, thus she changes her mind. At the same night club, Young Joo's partner, Detective Moon arrives with the intention of spying on Jung Do's father Lee Duk Soo who just came out of prison, but is sidetracked by Chae Ri, someone he has been trying to catch for quite a while.

I totally enjoyed this drama. All characters are likeable, in their own ways. I especially love the dynamic between Jung Do, Jung Do's father, and Jung Do's grandfather. They are just too cute together. Kim Gab Soo, who played Jung Do's father is such a funny character. I think he's the luckiest guy in this drama because he gets all the good lines to utter. He was actually a very bright kid, but was bitter towards life and took the wrong path. Whenever and whatever he talks, it is nothing short of philosophical. It's ridiculous to watch, in a good way. He's such a good actor, but some may stereotyped him as THE bad guy whenever he comes out in a drama . My little brother told me that he didn't like seeing his face, because he just hated all the bad characters the actor had played they just got imprinted in his head. Haha. But honestly, it was refreshing seeing him in When Spring Comes. I always anticipated what came out of his mouth next. He seriously got all the best and worthy lines.

In short, a good drama worth 5/5.


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