The Perfect Neighbors (2007)

A.K.A How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor is a pretty solid series, given the superb acting and interesting plotlines. It merges comedy with drama, as well as a mysterious murder case to solve that keeps the story engaging. I love how they develop the murder case with the police seeking evidences and trying to relate one thing to another when they seem to have no connection whatsoever. It keeps us guessing and wanting to know more. 

The story revolves around the people of a quiet neighborhood, where some of its residents are working in the same company. At the center of it all is Professor Baek Soo Chan, played by Kim Seung Woo (Iris), the playboy who believes that he is every woman's man. The ladies in the neighborhood really like Baek Soo Chan and he himself really knows just the right words to say to make them all happy. 

Among the many admirers is Jung Mi Hee, the widowed older sister of Jung Yoon Hee. Jung Mi Hee is really obsessed with Baek Soo Chan that she stalks him all the way to Cambodia. At the same time, Baek Soo Chan's brother from the countryside is also in Cambodia to find a bride. He sees Baek Soo Chan at the airport and attacks him and asks him to return the money he borrowed before ran away some ten years ago. Due to some circumstances, his brother decides to live with Soo Chan, and brings along with him a boy, much to Soo Chan's surprise. 

Bae Doo Na (Lord of Study, The Host), one of my favorite Korean actresses played the role of Jung Yoon Hee, seemingly a good-for-nothing second daughter. Compared to her sophisticated sister, she is quite plain, and can be very clumsy. She is very much against her sister going for Baek Soo Chan because she sees nothing good in that playboy. The two of them however ended up being buddies. Yoon Hee falls in love with her boss at work, but the boss is already engaged to someone that lives in her neighborhood. 

Park Shi Hoo (Iljimae) who plays the boss character is an heir of a successful conglomerate company. He comes back to Korea after his father collapses and becomes the Planning Manager. He is engaged to the Chairman's daughter under family arrangement, but is not very enthusiastic about it. He was once involved in  a scandal with an actress that left him quite bitter. Though appears cold and strict, he eventually is charmed by Yoon Hee's easy-going personality. 


The Perfect Neighbor is the perfect drama series. A perfect mixture of elements from friendship to family to romance, basically all kinds of relationship blend together really well. and I just love the ending. Finally a drama where the second lead got the love he as much deserves as the main lead. A different ending would suck big time. Besides, I can relate to Bae Doo Na's character and thus makes this drama even more interesting and addicting to watch. 

In general, I love how the drama manages to focus on all characters and relationships to fit in a 20-episode series with depth and in a realistic manner. The story development is well-paced, and you are able to see the interactions in the neighborhood and appreciate the importance of having good neighbors. I truly enjoyed the series and would highly recommend it. 

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