The Karate Kid (2010)

You've got to check this out! Though, I wouldn't recommend it to little kids, especially those who are yet able to differentiate good from bad coz I don't think they can appreciate all the lessons learnt amidst all those awesome karate or kung fu moves or whatever you call it. Don't want them to get out of the movie theater and take away only the violent parts. Oh, yes, they do get pretty violent to me.

To give you some idea (in case you haven't figured it out yet), the movie is about a kid named Dre Parker who moves to Beijing when her mother gets transferred there and is caught in trouble with a school bully when he befriends a local girl. It leads him to learn martial arts from the maintenance man (Jackie Chan) in order to survive. 

It could have been a very typical story, but the movie was just too funny and witty to simply fall under that category. It was very entertaining and it's okay to laugh out loud in the movie theater because everybody else did. It's the only way to appreciate good, funny scenes, right? And what I also love about the movie is that it lets the kids be kids. Dre Parker, for example, is just what you expect from a 12-year-old. He acts all tough and smug, acting a little bit like a know-it-all, a little bit rebellious, a little bit wimpy, and he cries (wet eyes, red nose and all) when it hurts to get beaten.

I'll probably get the DVD when it's out.


  1. I watched it half way.. tertido!
    Panjang sangat scene yg slow without much action.
    I guess the 2nd half of it might be better kot when the actions start

  2. parts sedey jackie chan (which was about midway)tu was a tad bit too slow, but generally awal and akhir cite quite funny, in my opinion.