Baker King Kim Tak Gu OST

Baker King Kim Tak Gu. I recently finished this 30-episode series and it was quite a 'journey'. There will be another entry for that, but for now, I just want to share its amazing OST. I like all the songs . They have been on repeat mode in my winamp playlist for a while now. I'm practically begging myself to grow tired of it but looks like this will take a while. It's hard to tune off once I get obsessed with some nice songs. Well, hopefully you will enjoy them too~

Kyuhyun - Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleeps

KCM ft. Soul Dive - Love You to Death

(Extra - Contains SPOILERS:

V.O.S - At the End of the Day

(Extra - contains SPOILERS:

Lee Seung Chul - That Person

(Extra - contains SPOILER:

Bada  - The Only One

(Extra - contains SPOILER:

And my favorite of all, is the one sung by Joo Won, who played the character Gu Ma Jun . I love the actor, his acting is awesome in that drama. I'm an instant fan. While watching the series, I thought, if he could sing , he would be my dream guy. Listening to him speaking, he sounded like he has a very nice singing voice, and that's before I knew he sang the OST. And then I found this out so I'm sold. It's a relatively slow song, and might not excite many, but I reaaaally am digging his soft tone. And he's so cute I want to pinch his chubby cheeks.

Joo Won - My Love
(Extra: for more Joo Won cuteness, click here  ;p kekeke)

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