Baby-faced Beauty, The Greatest Love

My, oh my. It seems forever since I last updated this blog with an entry. 
I have been pretty busy (excuses, excuses), and I have slowed down a little bit when it comes to watching Korean drama, though I do have a few that I would like to share. But nevertheless, maybe some other time, when I feel like sitting down in front of my computer and go through the dramas again. 

Still, if anyone needs a recommendation on some fun dramas to watch, here's my list:

1) Baby-faced Beauty. 
I had never quite understood what's the deal with Jang Nara (Wedding) that makes her a household name in China. But I adore her to pieces in this drama, about a 30++ woman who got mistaken to be in her early 20's, working in the fashion industry.

2) The Greatest Love/Best Love.
This drama is wacky. Pairing up two great actors: Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta) and Cha Seung Won (City Hall) was the best decision ever! I was glad Lee Seung Gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) didn't take the role of Dokko Jin. He wouldn't be able to pull it off. Or perhaps, it would be a totally different version than what I'm digging from Cha Seung Won. The story is about a top star (Dokko Jin) and his crazy way to show his love (if only he knows it's LOVE!) to the once-popular artist Gu Ae Jung of the girl group The National Treasures. Writers: THE Hong Sisters.

And if you have extra time, maybe you can give Warrior Baek Dong Soo a chance. I haven't personally finished it myself, and the storyline is not that solid and lacks focus to me, but the cinematography is nice, beautiful and captivating, most of the time, if not ALL the time. And you have cutie Yoo Seung Ho (God of Study) and charismatic Choi Min Soo of the Sandglass fame to watch. And they play villains.

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