I'm Sorry, I Love You

I'm Sorry, I Love You starred So Ji Sub as the main character. The korean title was "Mianhada, Saranghanda", in short MISA.

So Ji Sub plays the role of Cha Moohyuk, an abandoned korean child who got adopted and brought to Australia. He was then abandoned by his adopted parents, and lived like trash. Years later, when crews of a tv programme from korea made an interview of abandoned koreans in Australia, instead of cursing his biological parents like others did, he made very interesting statements. He said that he didn't hate his mother for throwing him out of her life. He believed there must be a reason. He said must be because his mother was so poor that she had to give him up. Moohyuk said, "I'll go back to Korea. When I meet my poor mother, I'll buy her pretty clothes, let her eat delicious food, and I'll buy her a nice house. So mum, wait for me. Four years, just four more years. So wait for me."

In Australia, he met Eunchae, a coordinator who worked for a popular korean singer, Choi Yoon. She was there to accompany Yoon for the making of his MV (or maybe CF, I'm not sure) with his yet-to-be gf. Things happen bla..bla..bla..

Moohyuk has a korean gf in Australia who taught him the language and introduced him to korean foods. To make story short, his gf betrayed him for a rich man. During his ex's wedding, there was an assassin (whom i thot trying to kill Jason, his ex's new husband). To protect the ex, he was shot two times, and one of the bullet got to his head. Miraculously, he lived, with one bullet was successfully taken out, but the one in his head couldn't for it was very dangerous and could be fatal. He only has a few months to live though, before the bullet completely destroy the veins etc.

With the monetary help from his ex, he decided to go to korea and meet his mother before he dies to fulfill the promises he made before, only to find that his mother was far from poor. He also found out that he has a twin sister who was also abandoned, and a popular singer, Yoon, as his brother, who lives happily with his rich mother. Eunchae, the coordinator, who holds a candle for Yoon thought that Moohyuk was following her, and so was surprise that he had come all the way from Australia to be with her (which I thot was really funny).

So, Moohyuk, after figuring out that his mother was not poor at all, felt a deep hatred towards his mother and jealousy towards Yoon who has everything that should have been his. As a result, he planned a revenge to destroy Yoon's life. Well, revenge is never good, as he found out later in his life.

If some people say that love is all about being selfish, i think this story portrays that perfectly, yet still concludes that to love is to sacrifice. Most memorable scenes would be the ones with Moohyuk and his mother, or whenever he made narrations, and of course, the ones that involves Moohyuk and his love interest, Eunchae. One of my favorites was when Eunchae repeatedly said "Saranghae, saranghae.." (means i love you, i love you..) to Moohyuk, but he refused to say it back. But finally, when he was about to leave Korea, he called Eunchae, and all he said was, "I'm sorry, I love you".

Basically, I love this story. It was slightly unpredictable. U just can't tell what Moohyuk's gonna do next. To be honest, I did stop watching this series after a few episodes, not because it was boring, but because the plot went so weird and I hated what Moohyuk was doing. Then I picked it up again where I left, and I'm glad I did. I would like to give this story a rating of 10 out of 10. But because of the ending, I can only give it 9.8/10. The ending was kinda disappointing to me. Not because Moohyuk died. That was obvious and expected from the very beginning of the story. I was hoping that the character Eunchae has a slightly different ending. I understand how it feels to lose someone that dear to you, coz I've experienced it. Especially when you wish you hadn't said what you said, or did what you did, or wish you could have said what you should have said. I expected Eunchae to be strong all the way, to live her life to the fullest even when he's gone, with their memories together to be remembered from time to time. But obviously, the director, scripwriter, or whoever responsible thought otherwise was a better ending, which kinda disappoints me in a way.

All in all, this is a story of regrets, betrayals, hatred, love, sacrifices, and more regrets. I can see that the story tries to avoid as many cliches as possible, and I think they did it successfully. As for the casts, So Ji Sub as Cha Moohyuk should receive an award for his superb acting. Of all the roles in the dramas of him that I've watched, Cha Moohyuk is yet the best role he played. Other casts also played their roles very well. 

So, go figure whether you gonna like this story too or not. It's worth a try.

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