Fun Fueng (Daydream)

The story begins with Athit, a driver, pretending to be his boss, Ratrawee. And Wilailuck, a servant, pretending to be a high-class woman by stealing her mistress, Montira's, dresses. They both go on a date and fall in love at first sight not knowing that the other one is lying. When the two bosses know about this, they demand for both of the servants to tell the other the truth, but they continue to lie. When Ratrawee first encounters Montira, he immediately falls for her and tells Athit to continue lying. Ratrawee and Montira got to spend times together and started to fall in love, too. Will both couples be able to accept each others' true identities at the end? - viki
Unless I read some great reviews, my go-to lakorns normally are the ones with either Anne Thongprasom or Ken Theradeth. If they both are in it, even better. But those two are quite a veteran in the industry already and new generation is booming so might as well I find a new anchor, like finding a new actor/actress that I like. I found this drama while browsing viki site and recalled the same title was mentioned at another website so I thought I should give it a try. I was excited to see new faces in the cast as well. As the summary says, this is a series about mistaken identity in the beginning, and pretty much concealed identity throughout the series. The rich guy likes the rich lady and the driver likes the maid. Let's be honest, It is a pretty straight forward coupling, right? Should be no issue, but I guess there's no drama in that so they switch identity and problems ensue. Let me just go straight to what I don't like about it:

1) This is a story about High Society, so money and family origin matters. Will love win over money and status? It is such an old trope, to create dramatic situations from this difference in status. It's really a pity that people are still being looked down upon due to their low status. But I guess this is common everywhere all over the world. Also, if you are rich, you will always wonder if people fall in love with you or your money. If you are poor, you will always feel inadequate and wonder if people will truly see your sincerity and let your love reach their hearts. Due to these insecurities, people succumb to the pressure and lie to get what they want. No matter how good-natured the intention or so they claim, lying to your loved ones is not a good thing.

2) While one may have lied due to unexpected circumstances, what irks me more in this lakorn is they continue to lie despite many chances they have to tell the truth. What's so hard about revealing your true identity? Perhaps I am not familiar with the Thai culture, or if there is really bad or negative connotation associated with lower status, but it really is annoying to watch how the story progressed for many episodes of people lying and getting away with it.

3) I just don't get the main girl. So she wanted to test the guy whether he is really sincere or not. But I think the minute he confessed the truth to her, she shouldn't have dragged her own confession for many episodes more. Even worse, she asked her own maid to continue with her own lies too. I was having second hand embarrassment thoughout the series on behalf of the guy as he continued with the charade even when the girl already was aware of who he was, and then later on I just pity the guy when he was struggling and suffering as he's being torn between pleasing her mom and following his love, all while EVERYONE but him knows the truth already. The fact that he was being so earnest in his devotion towards his lady love makes it even more painful to watch. Sometimes, I just don't know whether to laugh or not. They were indeed funny moments arisen because of the mistaken/concealed identity, but the jokes on the guy is too much.

4) Talking about lower status, I think it's fine to be self aware and conduct oneself appropriately. Being looked down by the higher status people? That's common. But being ridiculed by your own peers and fellow 'lower' status people when you put effort to improve yourself, it's pitiful. I mean, I really pity the people who mocked. Instead of creating a support system, it is easier to make fun and belittle. Even though this is not a major theme or point being portrayed in the series, I do feel sad whenever it's being shown, even as fillers.

To be frank, I skipped A LOT while watching this series, so I may have missed many other points on top of what I mentioned above. But let me just say here the things that keep me going, what make me continue to finish this despite the nonsensical plots and ridiculous shenanigans. Two things: the romance, and the bromance.

1) The main couple is ADORKABLE and ADORABLE. Push and Jui are easy in the eyes individually, but together they are such a winning combo. Putting the lying issue aside, their easy manners, playful bickering and teasing and starry eyes when they looked at each other made me giggle non-stop, I swear. The only other drama couple in recent shows that gave me the same feeling is Park Bo-young and Jo Jung-suk from Oh My Ghostess. But I still think this Fun Fueng couple tops it. Watching their scenes was such a joy. I just skipped other scenes and fast forward to their parts. That saved me a lot of time. The driver Athit and maid Wilai as a couple were OK, but Athit was too immature at times and sometimes their parts too sappy. haha. But they are cute in their own way.

2) Push and Kangsom as Boss and driver is a great combination. Their dynamic is ridiculously fun. Athit in all his silliness and Ratrawee in all his patience handling his silly subordinate, or at times joining in with the silly, it's funny. Add the doctor friend into the mix (the Hobbit as they call it because he's relatively short ahahaha) while at it. On another note, Kangsom is such a good singer.

All in all, if you are a fan of any of the cast, can give this a try. You can just fast forward to their scenes. If not, maybe should find another lakorn to watch. It's not a total waste for me though, because now I have found another talents to stalk, Push and Jui, since Anne and Ken's lakorns are now few and far between.

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