Shitsuren Chocolatier / Heartbroken Chocolatier (2014)

Koyurugi Sota looks up to and adores his senior in school, Takahashi Saeko. With his one-sided love for her, he decides to leave for Paris to learn the art of making chocolates, as she loves chocolates. After returning from Paris, Sota dreams of creating the perfect chocolate to present to Saeko, and that it will make Saeko fall madly in love with him. Saeko, who is already married, is actually quite the airhead, but her actions seem to lead Sota on. Does Saeko not know that Sota is madly in love with her? Or is she just playing with his feelings? (

This was a japanese drama that I picked up without knowing much what to expect. A drama about chocolate can't be all that bad. But I have mixed feelings by the end of it. While most of the time I was taken aback with the high tolerance for immorality in this series, I do admit it was intriguing to watch for it was less straight forward than your standard romance. I don't have any particular characters to root for because the characters make all sort of choices, regardless whether it's rational or not, right or wrong, dumb or dumber, so I thought whatever endings they have is what they deserve. It's life.

I wouldn't recommend this unless you can watch it with an open mind and mature enough to differentiate between good and bad. 

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