I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 2 (20160122) - Hwang Chi Yeul

From the Beginning Until Now 

This song brings back memories of Winter Sonata. It is one of the OST in the series. I used to put Winter Sonata OST on repeat mode for months. I just love the soft and melancholic melodies of its songs. When I read that Hwang Chi Yeul was going to sing this song, I was curious how different it's going to sound like with his husky voice, because I love the original as it is. He started singing in Mandarin, which gave him 'A' for effort. I don't know if he did well because I don't speak the language, but based on the audiences' responses, I would assume he did just fine. Or maybe the audiences were too kind?

I must confess that I wasn't captivated at first watch, maybe because I still had my bias for the original. Nevertheless,  once I dropped my bias, it was, in typical Hwang Chi Yeul manner, a performance full of emotions and amazing vocals. The song arrangement seemed to be divided into so many parts within the short song time, that I wish the higher, upbeat part would go slightly longer. It just dropped back to slow too sudden before I was fully absorbed in the upbeat part. 

I was delighted at minute 2.35 when he raised his voice like that. For some reason that point reminds me of how typical Malay singers singing emotional rock ballads.

He was ranked second place again, behind Coco Lee, who captured the audience by a large margin. 

Previous Performance(s): Week 1

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