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I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 8 (20160304) - Hwang Chi Yeul


Hwang Chi Yeul challenged himself again with a dance number. He performed fourth, this time with a cover of JYP's Honey. Well, not as exciting as Bang Bang Bang for me, but it did have a solo dance part that drove the audience wild. I suspect that I have to be part of the real time audience to truly appreciate this particular performance. There's high probability that the audio quality (always the case since episode 1) and the poor video editing for TV makes it less wholesome. That aside, I actually enjoyed the audience's reaction to him, especially Lala and Jeff Chang's manager, who drooled and all. haha. Now that was hilarious.

This performance brought him back to top spot, after Bang Bang Bang. Two wins, both through dancing. I personally felt a little sad that his identity as a balladeer has yet to gain the highest spot it deserves in the competition. He was so close to it with his first and second appearances, earning 2nd place for both. And as far as shock factor and curiosity scale where the audience is concerned to gain votes, those early episodes were as good as it gets. By now, I am afraid people are getting tired of his seemingly repetitive style of delivery in ballad songs. Which is why he seems to receive more votes in non-ballad category. 

Nevertheless, I hope he will continue to revolutionize himself as a singer and gain more votes in upcoming episodes.


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