I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 4 (20160205) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Bang Bang Bang 

After three consecutive weeks of performing ballads, it's finally time for a dance song, which I believe what many of his fans who knew of his dancer background were waiting for. He chose Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang. I am not familiar with the song, so I had to search it on youtube when I read that he was performing the song. I was worried to be honest, but then Bang! He made the song his own. He sang in Chinese and used Korean for the rap part. I have no idea what Big Bang's fans have to say, but I really like Hwang Chi Yeul's take on this one. There was element of James Bond in the performance, which should be cheesy but surprisingly worked. He sang, he rapped, he danced, he acted. It was Hwang Chi Yeul at his best yet.

Having said that, I wouldn't have known that he was performing this when his condition was quite terrible, if not for the behind the scenes that was shown in his Korean show I Live Alone. The program followed his daily lives in China, which coincide with his preparation for this particular performance. He had a terrible cold and was coughing and he seemed quite down. But he still gave it his all and it paid off. He performed fourth, and was voted 1st place by both the other singers and the audience.

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