I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 10 (20160318) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Gai Bian Zi Ji (Change Myself)

Singing a cover of Wang Lee Hom's Change Myself, this performance was everything I was hoping for. No ballad, no extended, meticulous choreographed dance routine. It was a fun stage, seemingly freestyle and definitely free-spirited. It was not a thoughtless performance. Every move was rehearsed and timed perfectly and was meant to capture the audience. Hwang Chi Yeol made every transition smoothly that it seemed so natural. For the first time, he actively interacted with the audience and you can literally hear them responding to him, it was deafening, almost. The moment the audience was singing along loudly with him, you know he got this. It felt like he was having a fun stage at his very own concert! All in all, it was quite a breakthrough moment for him in my opinion. It was not something you've seen from him before, not even in Immortal Songs 2. He actually mimicked a formulaic performance that normally would have secured final win in Immortal Songs 2. I was laughing thinking about it. Instrument (saxophone), check. Repetitive section, check. Audience interaction, check. Most of all, he himself seemed to let go of all worries and just sing. Just look at his different hairstyle this time around, made him looked so boyish and adorable, running about on stage. His voice sounded a little rough compared to usual but somehow fit the song and the spirit. 

He performed 4th, and ranked 1st, thanks to more than a quarter of the audience's votes. Even more meaningful, it was his first win with a Chinese song.

(Sidenote: not sure if I missed them, but unlike Honey and Bang, Bang, Bang, there's not much coverage on this particular performance in Korean entertainment portals. Maybe because it's not a Korean song. It's a shame coz I feel like it was one of his more entertaining performances to date, complete with a shocking ending. haha)

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