I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 11 (20160325) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Like Being Shot By a Bullet 

Covering one of Baek Jiyoung's popular ballads, Hwang Chi Yeul challenged himself again, this time rearranging the song into a rock ballad, or at least that's how I would term it. After listening to Kim Feel's cover many moons ago in Immortal Songs 2, I did wonder how Chi Yeul's going to do it, because Kim Feel's version was pretty cool already.

Turning the song into a rock style did give it an edge. His voice was perfect for the arrangement. It still sounded very sad like the original. It hurts, but it rocks. There's a segment in the middle where he sang without accompaniment from any musical instrument. His pitch-perfect rough voice just pierced through the hall, it was awesome. Towards the end the song just got higher and higher and he nailed it. Like, total daebak. He should do more of this. Rock ballad could totally be his style.

Since this is the last round before the finale (unless you are substitute singers or eliminated singers who have to go through one more breakthrough round), every singer did all sort of 'crazy' this episode. Coco Lee with her weird outfit singing Bad Romance, Joey's persistence to dance with hurt ankle for Bad Boy, Jeff Chang with his soprano partner, Hacken Lee with master pianist Lang Lang, it's a relief that Chi Yeul managed to rank 4th despite performing first (I feel that he deserved better placement, but no matter). His win previous week with high scores, combined with this week's ranking, brought him to the top place overall and was given ticket direct to final round, which will be live on 8th April 2016.

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