I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 6 (20160219) - Hwang Chi Yeul

Go Hae (Confession)

His fans probably know how much this song means to him. This is one of the songs he sang when he first debuted, which was used as the OST for the popular series Lovers back in 2007. The original singer was Im Jaebum, who acknowledged Hwang Chi Yeul's powerful vocal. After nine years of being an unknown singer, he again sang "Confession" in the show I Can See Your Voice, the very show that catapulted him to overnight sensation. He was practically in every other variety show ever since, and even became a regular guest inImmortal Songs 2.

He challenged himself again with the song through I Am a Singer, this time with new arrangement. And just as I was beginning to miss his soft tones, this arrangement came along and showcased the softer side of his vocal while still mostly maintained the beloved husky and rough tone. And his high notes was just wow~ He performed it with a certain attitude that sucked you in in I Can See Your Voice, while this particular version felt more sincere and more emotional. It was a beautiful rendition.

He performed 1st and placed 3rd.

(Side note: I felt like he could have ranked 1st, or 2nd, if not for new challenger Wang Xi who came and stole his thunder and win the audiences' favor. They were just captivated by his unexpected bassy vocals even though the performance was so-so. haha. I thought the newcomer was good, just not enough to win first place. But that was just me.)

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