I Am a Singer (China) Season 4: Week 7 (20160226) - Hwang Chi Yeul

一个人的天荒地老 (Eternity of a Single Person)

I heart this performance. 一个人的天荒地老 was originally sung by Phil Chang. I wasn't attracted to the song when I heard it the first time while looking for reference in anticipation for Hwang Chi Yeul's performance. I don't know if it's my bias, or because Hwang Chi Yeul really did an excellent job, but the song just sounds 100 times better now. Hahaha. He inserted element of Korean folk song in the middle (Arirang). Out of all his stint with Chinese songs so far, this is my favorite yet.

He's back to performing 2nd this time, and ranked 4th place.

(Side note: I wish he was ranked higher because it was a very good performance. But I am not exactly hang up on that because the top three were performances that I enjoyed as well. I pretty much agree with the overall ranking this week.)

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